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In daily life, 1 minutes is fleeting Plastic wood, but if you cherish it, make full use of it to exercise, it will give you the physical and mental health has brought great benefits.

After waking up in the morning, with both hands holding the head of a bed, a little bit, then relax, so 1 minutes, can relax, boosted the spirit.

Long time working at his desk Water slide, every l hours the best move up 1 minutes, stretch, let the mind and eyes relax. It can not only eliminate the fatigue, and can prevent the lumbar muscle strain.

Idle will do not have a thing, can use 1 minutes to do the following exercise: bend down, the upper part of the body easily down to the ground Stadium seating, remains in this state for several seconds, then slowly got up, keep the spine sections and long, it can make complexion ruddy, from back injuries.