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Including the myths of hair loss treatmentsufedskk alopecia, local friction loss etc excitant hair mechanical trichomadesis, burn alopecia and radioactive injury trichomadesis etc. Mechanical alopecia is for some special hairdo cause hair to break or fall off, such as women's braids, Bob such hairdo, male branch hair type, can cause mechanical alopecia. Hair should keep a certain degree of natural canopy and to maintain proper elasticity pressure, if by direct tension, like Peking Opera actors and female athletes, for performances and competitions, often hair pulled back, and with a ribbon or a rubber band to tie up, easy to cause the forehead hair break, hairline receding. The sunlight in the ultraviolet irradiation of frequently used excessive, hot hair, the hair also can become scarce. Radiation damage clinically into four degrees, which can cause hair loss.

Spirit of Hair loss and the psychological effects

Spirit of hair loss is due to excessive stress causes hair loss. In the spirit of human body under the action of the pressure, muscle contraction, hair erect, and make hair nutrient transport capillary contraction, cause local blood circulation, thus causing hair ecological change and malnutrition. Stress can cause excessive sweating and sebaceous glands secretes overmuch, produce dandruff, reduce hair living environment quality, causing hair loss. Spirit of hair loss is temporary hair loss, through the improvement of psychiatric conditions, relieve mental pressure, usually can heal.

Androgenic alopecia Solar Wafer

Androgenic alopecia or premature baldness, commonly known as " bald ", higher incidence rate. Refers to enter adulthood, hair fall off gradually, coming back soon, before rising edge, head hair thinning or balding, progressive. The disease in the forehead and the top of the head feature progressive hair loss, more common in males engaged in mental work, often in the 20-30 years of age began to hair loss. Loss of hair from the forehead and temporal hair line both sides of the start, before gradually back, his forehead was high, with increasing age, cranial top hair gradually shedding, occipital and two side hair remains always remaining hair, illness weighed, crown and forehead trichomadesis connected into a large, only around half of ring like a horseshoe shape distribution of hair off, hair loss area smooth skin or left a few sparse soft hair. Male Suoyuan excitation of slow progress, female patients with hair loss to a lesser degree, most for top sparse hair, hair become thin and soft, whether men or women for the baldness looks to have effect. Male source alopecia with genetic causes of male hormones and relevant. The alopecia, mostly permanent alopecia.