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A, naked marriage: " Plastic woodlong live love singing " or " looks very beautiful "?

" Naked marriage " is a simple way of marriage do not buy a house, do not buy a car, not without even their wedding ring and marriage license, is a network of 2008 the rise of the new words. Because of the pressure of life more and more emphasis on modern marriage " freedom" and " independent ", " wedding " is emphasized in the younger generation of marriage in the increasingly weakened, so the naked marriage has become the "after 80 " the most fashionable way of marriage. It reflects the change of modern society on marriage and understanding, on the other hand also reflects the change of modern social material concept.

With the TV series "Solar Cell naked marriage age " of the hit, the topic of naked marriage has triggered a heated discussion all. Naked marriage is happiness? Are you handsome? Is helpless? Or adventure? Everyone has a different definition. Some people think that as long as there is love God horses are floating clouds, some people feel there is no bread love would be destroyed. In fact, the secret of naked marriage happiness tips with a happy marriage almost no difference, careful management is the key. So, as long as love both have the common goal, and strive for, whether married or after the material prosperity, believe that will have a satisfactory result.

Two, flash marriage: love risk, flash marriage need to be cautious

" Flash marriage " is referred to as the lightning marriage, from understanding to get married for a short time. Only know one day get married to know for less than 3 months license count flash marriage, much has happened in the youth men and women. The pressure of modern urban life, some busy cause older youth in marriage would not fall into the seesaw battle, at the same time, simplify the node, the divorce registration formalities, the couple enjoyed greater privacy and autonomy, provides great convenience to the flash marriage. But due to the mutual understanding is not enough, flash marriage is likely to leave the relationship between instability, the divorce rate is relatively improved after.

I and Wang Xiaofei from the Baby clothes online acquaintance to the licensing of just more than a month. We can't assert that they be happy or not, but the facts tell us the most bitter flash marriage. " Flash marriage " always follow behind " flash from" two words, some people think that marriage and divorce but the red green this difference, but does not know about marriage irresponsible attitude is likely to lead to the unfortunate marriage. Flash marriage has broken the law of marriage, from love to understand, then to further exchanges, which is a process of continuously deepening. Marriage is not a fast food, love easy to get along, feet of his shoes really suitable, walk a little too long to know.



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