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Match 8 women's Day is coming soon,  to a woman what should send what good? A netizen hair micro-blog referred to female boss sent female pleasure enhancement solution, in one fell swoop to numerous net friend's eye, the gift has been rated as " history's most shocking three eight valentines ".

Recently,  net friend " fishmood " published micro-blog, " a few days to have women's day, to the nun killer beauty boss gift to send any good? A the elder brothers weapon: ' the woman with normal sexual life, when we can. ' " Micro-blog has been issued, get a lot of forwarding, also brought a number of comments, many netizens praised the gift so creative, netizen " big fan childe " think, " female boss gifts to so many people, this is the most eye-catching most people remember! " But also netizens think gift is so shocking, as the sending pleasure enhancement solution users break into premiumngifts corporate premium a sweat with fright, " it doesn't mean the curse? Afraid of being fired? "

The reporter contacted the netizen, netizen " fishmood " surnamed Chen, private enterprise is a male officer, said he thought the reason, is because the recently discovered female boss the mood is not very good, " she is very good, also very concerned about us,   to be pleasant, but not recently some anxiety, easy to get angry. "

Many netizens also worry that Mr. Chen whether sexually suggestive too, Mr. Chen said that he also considered, but boss their age and get a lot worse, may not have that association, just want to be able to win the female boss smile, is when the active atmosphere, and also really want to female boss help,



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