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Obama's presidential library


Another Alabama football jersey is on business gift way to Barack Obama's presidential library.

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide, college football champions for the third time in four years, presented the president with one more jersey — as well as a helmet and football — during a White House ceremony Monday, adding to an ever-expanding list of presidential gifts.

"You're an official member of the team," joked Alabama coach Nick Saban, adding: "I will have a meeting later with you to decide how much playing time you're going to get."

Said Obama: "I think we should keep me gift & premium on the bench."

The latest haul from Alabama is the newest addition to a White House gift collection that ranges from jerseys, balls and helmets from just about every sport imaginable, to exotica like a British ping-pong table to crocodile insurance from Australia.

Almost all of these gifts are first sent to the National Archives for temporary safekeeping, until retired presidents are ready to open libraries that are operated by the archives.

"The National Archives and Records Administration assists the incumbent administration with courtesy storage of Presidential records,premium gifts historical materials and artifacts until the President leaves office," said Susan Donius, director of the Office of Presidential Libraries. "Once the President leaves office, the National Archives takes legal custody of these records and artifacts."



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