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wins three silver medals


On Tuesday, while contestants are on excursions, technicians work all day and through the night coaxing the offended computers back to life. But on Wednesday the competition's restart is delayed by a new glitch: one of the day's set problems has been "seen before" by some contestants and has to be replaced. Ten minutes before things finally get underway, a possum invades the hall and leads marshals on a lively chase before exiting to cheers Cherson Label ribbon


An apt distraction, as it turns out, because the hardest problem of the day (solved by only three competitors) involves navigating escape routes through Brisbane after the city is invaded by giant, mutated wombats. It's not good for reigning champ Johnny Ho, the 17-year-old Californian who won last year's Olympiad in Italy. Running third after day one, he slumps to 30th after "looking at the wrong version of a problem and getting really confused". Not to worry: Ho has finished high school, and next year - thanks to his informatics fame - he'll accept an invitation to attend Harvard Cherson Mobile Printer




Rosica Dejanovska finishes well down the ratings, but remains upbeat: "I'm a bit disappointed that I won't get a medal, but I also feel relieved that tomorrow is an excursion day and we will party."



The Chinese team blitzes the field, finishing first and second, with another Chinese tying for third with a Russian. The overall winner is Lijie Chen, 17, with 569 out of a possible 600 points Intermec Printer 產品




Australia wins three silver medals and a bronze - its third-best result since entering the IOI. Ray Li is the host nation's top finisher in 26th place overall; James Payor and Michael Chen also get silver medals, and Ishraq Huda a bronze Cherson Sato Printer.





A few days later, still contemplating his dazzling array of career options, Jarrah Lacko returns to his latest IT internship in London. As you'd expect, the boy who puzzled his way into the future has no qualms about humans ever becoming too subservient to computers. "Dear Google," runs a post on his website, "please hurry up and take over the world faster. Yours truly, completely and eternally, Jarrah."






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