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LED backlight market is expected to stage a comeback. Along with the action device panel resolution increasing, active matrix AMOLED toilet facial paper manufacturer due to Technical Properties Limited, resolution will not further leap, and then make the LED backlight components market value will continue to rise next year.

Experts say, because AMOLED with self luminescent characteristic, make its panel without light source, therefore considered LED backlight market development the biggest threat. However, nowadays include intelligent mobile phone with flat devices and other consumer electronics are started blowing high quality fashion, AMOLED for resolution is unable to break through,LED manufacturer dab3d12ck and the price is too high, overall next year shipments may be slowed; on the other hand, liquid crystal display ( TFT LCD ) are not subject to this restriction, and can contribute to LED backlight market continued light emitting.

The expert points out further, although AMOLED with lightweight and high color saturation and other advantages, but the analysis through the lower is its fatal hood door; with Samsung higher-order intelligent mobile phone Galaxy S3 as an example,hair loss hairloss resolution is only 306ppi, and Apple's iPhone 5 is 326ppi, both resolution still has gap. Estimated that next year with TFT LCD display technology action device panel resolution will continue to advance, from today's 326ppi sharply to 441ppi, further expand the two display resolution gap.

In addition to resolution disorders difficult to break, the AMOLED is too expensive for shipments to the rapid rise of treatment hair loss treatment Expert analysis, due to the current AMOLED panel has nearly nine into the amount of Samsung ( Samsung ) monopoly, so the market prices remained high, but in addition to Samsung mobile phone brand outside the factory in order to reduce the cost, and satisfies the user to the high quality requirements, have also used with a full high definition ( Full HD ) specifications LCD IPS panel, and then with the energy saving LED backlight component, thereby creating low cost, high quality intelligent mobile phone.



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