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Nokia Asha 205: slag machine king or recover one's original simplicity?

According to TNW, HTC One  today introduced two new mobile phone: 206 and Asha 205, and new content sharing characteristics of Slam, realize through the Bluetooth photo and video instant transmission.

Asha 205 is a full keyboard machine, the navigation keys on each side of a Facebook function keys and mail function keys, SIM card slot of a battery in the rear, one in the side. Extended memory to support the microSD, up to 32 GB max.. In addition to follow the Nokia S40 operating system in most characteristics,plastic bags manufacturerAsha 205 also support free Life+ web app. Battery life, a single SIM card standby time of up to 37 days, 25 days of double card standby.

Nokia Asha 205 positioning for social frequent emerging urban population, to achieve this effect, the company continues to maintain cooperation with EA, allows users to download up to 40 video games, including Need for Speed, Medal of Honor and FIFA.

Asha 205 and Lumia series as the use of bold colors, including blue, green and black with white and yellow, pink and magenta mix match.

The 206 form is like ten years ago to Nokia models tribute, 2.4 inch screen, 1300000 pixel camera, with alphanumeric keypad, the one for a color. Dual card mode standby for up to 28 days,Ken Nam ltd  the single card mode for a maximum of 47 days.

Two of all mobile phone SIM card support single or dual card dual standby, support the Nokia Easy Swap technology, users in the two cards are used interchangeably in use at the same time or choose. Both 2G only support network, does not support 3G and Wi-Fi, but the capacity of the battery life of amazing. Two mobile phone support Nokia comes with eBuddy Chat, use the Nokia Xpress browser, integration of the Company cloud technology, to reduce the flow losses amounted to 90%, the browser also supports more than 10000 web applications, such as Nokia Nearby.

In addition, they use the new content to share properties are referred to as " Slam ", the service allows a user through a Bluetooth share photos, music and video, without pairing, finding equipment need not even mobile phone also installed Slam. Select file, Slam will choose the nearest open Bluetooth mobile phone, automatic transmission. It seems that this function is not suitable for public use.

Nokia spokeswoman confirmed, the fourth quarter of 2012 two models will be to most of the global market, selling for $62, but will be the first in India, Nigeria and Indonesia listing.

When I put the message as a micro-blog is launched, the netizen expresses " this is the real slag machine king", also somebody thinks Nokia occupy the low-end market, the inevitable end of the road, while some people think Nokia recover one's original simplicity. I think the two Nokia mobile phone is very suitable for travel, especially hiking or cycling, Slam sharing function for the internal team field transfer files is also very convenient. If doomsday has come true, take the standby capacity so powerful mobile phone, a sense of security will more or less increase in some.



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