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water heaters


The next year,by the solar cellyou don't have to worry about property does not allow the installation of solar water heaters. Encourage the installation of solar water heaters have been written by the provincial government regulations. Reporter yesterday from the provincial government legal office was informed that, " Anhui province " of civil building energy saving measures have been introduced, will apply formally at rising on January 1, 2013.

" I want to install solar water heaters Mr. Mckenic , but the property is not allowed, that influence the appearance of a city. " Such a situation, I am afraid many people encountered. However, the next year, such " resistance " will be less.

Method in regulation, the province will encourage both the construction of the owner or user, without affecting the construction quality and safety, in line with the requirements under the premise of city appearance, in accordance with the provisions of the statute of the installation management with technical specifications and product quality standard of solar water heating system. The construction unit,germ killer the realty service enterprise shall provide conveniences.



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