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Recently at the 2012 China the solar cell  heat utilization industry annual meeting and solar energy industry development in twenty anniversary meeting was informed, family type solar energy products is expected to become the new policies to stimulate consumption focus, subsidies policy will come on stage in succession.

December 4th,playground equipment conference of central the political bureau puts forward, want exert oneself to expand domestic demand, accelerate cultivate a batch of strong pulling power consumption of new point of growth. Analytic personage points out, the country will be combined with the urbanization construction, to encourage solar power generation equipment application, support for distributed power grid and other measures, increase domestic market development efforts. In the double reverse, excess capacity, which is frequently used to describe the new energy industry of the word, but the recent tightening in national industry policy support, the expansion of domestic demand market in the direction of the wind, the industry as a whole has reversal potential.

Put forward Safety Surface  the earliest " type solar energy and other new products to enter the public facilities and home " was in a May executive meeting of the State Council, the country for the first time this year on the new energy development direction is given a clear instruction.

Type solar energy in general have two kinds of interpretation method, a refers to the family of solar thermal utilization of solar energy water heater, namely, another kind of explanation of off-grid type or "local consumption, spontaneous personal use " pv. A conferee industry analysts said the reporter, the future of solar PV, solar thermal products as new spending policy the key gives aid to object, to the industry the pulling power of limitless. " The domestic rural market potential has not been fully excavated, the future of solar PV, solar thermal mass into the rural market, will effectively to expand domestic demand, the recent market rumors of the ministry takes the lead organization " PV to the countryside " scheme, is combined with the urbanization background. " The participants indicated to reporter.

Compared with the solar photovoltaic, solar heat utilization industry overall stable trend. As the only one listed on the solar thermal utilization company, east of the sun ( 603366, shares ) Solar Power Inc chairman Xu Xinjian in an interview with reporters after the meeting, " energy-saving Huimin allowance is a good stuff, but the subsidy amount is too small, we expect more awesome policy. At present, our company 's overall operating condition is relatively stable, unlike other solar energy company that change radically. " Previously, Oriental Sunrise ( 300118, stock it) also issued a notice, to be in Hubei Yunxian investment and construction of ecological agriculture integration project 20MW solar greenhouse. The future of PV ecological agricultural greenhouse integration in the process of urbanization, the acquisition of key promotion.

And Beijing and some other places also began to carry out new residential mandatory building solar hot water system. According to the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission revealed that no live, geothermal, industrial waste and other conditions, new housing will be mandatory for synchronous designs, synchronous construction of solar hot water system. This means that, Beijing has begun to enter the 24 hours of hot water age. City lives build appoint 6 departments launched a centralized, decentralized and centralized, decentralized type three kinds of solar hot water system.



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