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Recovery of gifts tecoe electric ac motor to the mystery

Recovery is not a price discount, and some have a shelf life of goods, that these things are gone, to whom? When asked this question, the shopkeeper alert, " you is it right? To sell gift? " " I have a look at your mobile phone camera? "

I don't know hk-business-gift.html where these commodities, but from the shopkeeper said earlier in the same sentence, presumably, these goods must be sold to individuals or enterprises and institutions. The shopkeeper said, Moutai is only sold 800 yuan.

Different shopping card different price

Reporter went to the city, near Xinhua Road, is located in the South West of live a gift shop in recovery, the shop owner also saw at a glance that the reporter's smoke is overdue, but to price than a high, gave 320 yuan "price ".

The shopkeeper told reporters, he is here to reclaim shopping card, but different shopping malls shopping card price is different. Tens of thousands of dollars in card to enjoy 4% off, Sanqianwuqian shopping card can give 8% off, Taihua shopping card one thousand to less than 8% off, Ginza as good Roca.

Shopping card not gift-premium-fair.html only collect also sell

When the reporter asked to buy some gift card from the store, the owner immediately agreed, saying how much you want, I'll sell how much, how much the price according to nine six, to buy nine seven different.

Price of Moutai half-price admission

Unlike the first shop, the shop for Moutai also received without error, but less than half of the retail price, 1500 yuan of Moutai 800 yuan recovery.

Finally the reporter to recover low prices on the grounds, with a cigarette left the shop. Like this gift recycling shop in the city there are many, mostly hidden in the back alleys or villages in the city, Guang Nan Hu live in the village there are four. The recovery of these products into the market, not only destroyed the normal order of operation, but also bring risks to food safety.