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engage in foolish acquisitions


"I also believe that the Chinese premiumngifts executive gift  government cannot accept that all the juicy fruits from the profitable growth end up in only non-Chinese hands," Bulle said.

John Wormald, analyst with British automotive consultancy Autopolis, doesn't see any massive political upheaval in China, nor does he expect any impediment to German progress.

"I don't think the Chinese political system will take a sharp swing to the left. I think there's more and more of a private sector market for premium cars in China anyway, unlike the old days. I think the Germans can go on just as they are now, i.e. hitting all major export markets.premiumngifts gift premium  They're virtually unopposed in China, whereas Lexus and Cadillac do offer some competition in the U.S.," Wormald said.

So are there any potential roadblocks looming?

Only self-inflicted ones, says Christian Stadler, Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School in England.

"They might engage in foolish acquisitions like Daimler (Mercedes' parent) did with Chrysler. They might no longer manage to come up with attractive new models,premiumngifts gift and premium but they've been really good at that. Or there could be a massive recession although the most expensive and upmarket cars are hit less during the hard times and the rich still have money to buy cars," Stadler said.