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For accelerating the development of the domestic PV market Water slide, perfect grid-connected photovoltaic power generation technology and standards will be imperative. Beijing Jiaotong University Institute of solar energy research institute director Xu Zheng thinks, want to strengthen a grid-connected photovoltaic technology research and development efforts, establish the microgrid demonstration engineering Plastic wood. Two is the organization of Power Grid Corp, photovoltaic power installation providers and operators, photovoltaic and storage equipment manufacturers develop photovoltaic technology standard. Three is to enhance the power generation enterprises and power grid enterprises communication and coordination between the, guide the conditional, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation facilities with little difficulty in grid, from easy to difficult, and constantly improve the photovoltaic grid-connected system.

In addition, some experts think that should accelerate breed diversification of the PV market, adhere to the power generation and application of combined support from the network, combining with the construction of photovoltaic power generation systems,Stadium seating photovoltaic systems, small off-grid PV system applications, the development of diversified consumer products photovoltaic.