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President Putin


When asked " how to become a business doctorate programs " the problem, " Warren" Buffett replied: " read everything readable book. "

Wang Dong

Nike founder Phil Nate scholar leaders in his office after the ad hoc a private library. Very few people were invited to visit this place, and the award of the people to enter the library must take off shoes, bow -- to express its treatment of Asian history, poetry, art collection respect did not less than for Nate's own respect.

Many popular politicians, business leaders, while in the public eye count every minute and second, in private is avid reading enthusiasts, with a " to be leaders, reading first " credo.

" Read all doctor of business administration readable book "

Political leaders have a long tradition of reading. Since the ancient Greek philosopher Platon put forward by " philosophy king " govern the country, the country has been many Western politicians adhere to the Advaita doctrine.

In British political history reading widely is the nineteenth Century British Prime Minister, academic great master William Gladstone, his 88 years life read twenty thousand books. In addition to him, the third president of the United States Thomas Jefferson read also considerable, his collection of 6400 books was the first American Library of Congress collections.

The United States President George W. Bush while the total has been criticized as a anti-intellectual rich men's sons, but he really loves reading. He worked with his political consultant Karl Rolf reading race. As a result, the reading number, although George W. Bush to 95:110 for this achievement came, but he has read the total number of pages is far beyond rove nearly million pages.

The United States President Obama by reading more books, and by American media as a rare " culture of the president ". Obama has a characteristic, every time when faced with a problem, will be through the first book to acquire the relevant knowledge, and then to apply these knowledge to reality. Reportedly, he was once because of reading " the opponent team " one book, and put him in the Democratic Party's arch rival Hilllary Clinton " absorption " as secretary of state.

Russian President Putin is not only a taekwondo master, is also a standard book. In twentieth Century 70's university campus party very difficult to see the college students Putin, he often hide in the dormitory or read a book in the classroom. As president, although busy, he still maintained a reading habit, so his official plane have put a lot of books.

The political leaders and obsessed with reading, reading business elite also no lack of such people.

Google, Yahoo! YouTube through investment, such as listing Corporation and accumulated $1500000000 in personal assets of the famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist Michael Moritz is a standard " bookworm ", he is in the San Francisco Bay area of residence, is said to be a library.

When asked " how to become a great investor " the problem, " Warren" Buffett replied: " read everything readable book. "

He is also in fact such practice, by the age of 10, he has already read the hometown of Omaha public library all headers associated with financial books, some also read two times. From 10 years old to 80 years old, Buffett a lot of reading habit has not changed. His biography " the eternal value " author Andrew Kilpatrick said, together they book signing time, Buffett said he had a 50 book ready to read.