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responsible for reporting gifts


State regulators have fined two Oxnard hong kong gifts and premium finance officials for breaking gift reporting rules, ending an investigation of the city by the California Fair Political Practices Commission. In all, 12 current and former officials agreed to pay fines.

The latest two enforcement actions, made public late Monday afternoon, show Chief Financial Officer Jim Cameron will pay $6,500 and Financial Services Manager Mike More will pay $2,000 for violations.

Cameron declined to comment Monday.

“I can’t really say anything about it,”gift and premium he said.

More did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Three counts against Cameron describe incidents in 2008 when he failed to report or underreported the value of gifts from companies doing business with the city and took gifts over the amount allowed each year. One count involves a conflict of interest, meaning Cameron participated in a decision with a company from which he had accepted excess gifts.

Cameron failed to report lunches gift premium fair, dinners and drinks paid for by bond firm E.J. De La Rosa & Co. Inc. and also underreported tickets to a Dodgers game and a Broadway show.

In all, the bond firm provided about $887 in gifts to Cameron and his wife in 2008. The limit that year was $420, and Cameron in summer 2009 signed a deal with the firm for $20 million in bond anticipation notes.

Officials, who are solely responsible for reporting gifts, are not supposed to participate in decisions within a year of accepting gifts in excess of the annual limit.