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Summit Outcome


India made the economic mobile power  growth five years planning commission in 2009 to set up a new group of experts, which found that innovation to help India achieve broader economic growth sectors.

But as Singer points out, there is still a lot of work to do.

Singer said, including the Indian Institutet of Technology ( IIT ), India scientific institutions must change their attitude, so as to promote a culture of innovation.

For example,UPS System Manufacturer make easy to Use   IIT research should aim and industrial and social sector expect coordinated, and the India research institutions need to strengthen and industry links and increase international research partnerships to improve their open.

Singer also mentioned though last month ( 2009 December) to the Copenhagen Climate Summit Outcome " disappointing", India should realize it respond to the challenge of climate change strategy.

India should not focus solely on emission reduction, and should let the emission reduction and other equally important goal of coexistence, such as water resources management and the promotion of food security.

Recently the India Science Department of the project included a called " technical mission: win, expansion and repair their water resources " scheme, this scheme was analyzed in 25 different water challenge technology solutions, these programmes in the country at 60 sites were test.

In these trials successful solutions will be applied to 100000 human population cluster. In 2011 the end of the project is expected to justify investment in economic and social problems of the scientific solution to the income.

Also according to starting in 2009 2020 to 20000 megawatts of electricity into the national solar plan, science of India launched a universal IIT solar research projects, and through the development of innovation driven by solar energy technology option cost reduction.

India science department also with the EU and the UK launched on solar energy research joint development project.