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true with the surprise

Too long without keyboard, finger like some strange, those familiar with the keys, usually by groping, but from time to time at several eyes, is probably too lazy, so. These few days in May seemed to happen a lot of things, like what didn't happen, and there is no two, only to be rather baffling mood, all from the bottom of my heart, quietly breeding, can not find the export, let I can't breathe. (a) about life The five one day, organized workers went mountain climbing, says that the mountain is, but is in fact a hilly, but for the busy at work all day in the US, is a good chance to relax. Two in the afternoon, we go forward with great strength and vigour of more than 20 individuals, he laughs, no glare of the sun, wind, is suitable for the natural approach. When we arrived at the foot of the mountain, there are a lot of people have the mountain, probably because of the rest, the comings and goings of a particularly large number of people. The mountain road has a lot of choice, to prevent you from,


or choose a seemingly clear the road of. See you are holding hands, listen to each other encouragement words, the heart actually some surprise, usually sitting in the office, the busy each, occasionally a conflict of interest or even almost never in contact with each other, but, let all of that go, close to nature, even so, life is also true with the surprise dc brushless motor . All the way to the top of the mountain, feel full of strength, but the total write undermine the atmosphere of the things happened around, that is not a wide road, leaving many empty mineral water bottles, used paper towels and a variety of snacks. Perhaps the older, I don't like such behavior, but too many people, but can not find the rubbish, only to give up. Colleagues also like me, to help me pick up the garbage, the garbage thrown into the not far away.


At this time, I saw in a homely uncle, braved the old straw hat, cleaning the garbage on the road, some people will smile, after some contempt, but let me register profound respect. This mountain road not know uncle left many back and forth, provides much convenience for the mountain climber, but silently without desire. He said he didn't want to let the climbers because garbage fell and hurt, just because his young son in the mountain road to step into the garbage slipped, lost his life doing business in china. The power of one person is much, I don't know, but ordinary people, also can make shaking heaven and earth thing. Life, full of such, that story, but how many people will live up?