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The latest blog from, an online wedding resource site from Marble Media LLC, sets readers straight on a new wedding registry trend: gifts for the

Fort Lee, NJ (PRWEB) April 04, 2013
  Today’s newlyweds are more likely to have spent at least a few years living under the same roof before deciding to wed, which often means their wedding gift wish list may not reflect the needs of couples who have yet to set up house. The newest blog discusses the growing trend among brides- and grooms-to-be to waive the traditional wedding gift registry in lieu of a honeymoon registry.

After seven years of cohabiting, one newlywed couple addressed in the blog explains that they have a fully equipped home, but they’re light on cash for the honeymoon. The expense of a wedding is often a bank account drainer for couples, and a growing number of brides and grooms are looking for new etiquette rules for directing wedding guests to a gift registry that will provide what they want but maybe can’t afford to splurge on during their honeymoon.
  The questions that some couples have regarding honeymoon registries appear to focus on the assumption that some wedding guests may find it tacky. Wedding etiquette has been set in stone for so many generations that even in the 21st century, it seems any variation from the norm is frowned upon, mostly from the older

The fact of the matter is that couples heading down the altar today have entirely different needs and expectations than their parents or grandparents had. Most couples now pay for their own weddings, which was not the norm for their parents or grandparents. Since today’s brides and grooms are footing the bill for their celebration, they have more control over the details – from venue to décor. According to guest blogger Liz Ernst, there is no reason they should be shy about where they choose to register.

“These are unchartered waters, although there is a growing trend among brides and grooms to register for gifts that will make their honeymoon more enjoyable,” Ernst says. “It seems unlikely that most people would have an issue with your choice of registries, and even if some do it shouldn’t matter to

“It’s your wedding, and most of your guests will be happy to give you the gift you really want, whether it’s something traditional like a blender, or a gift coupon for jet ski rentals or a romantic dinner at your honeymoon venue.”

So many couples today have accumulated most of their household goods before the nuptials, and simply don’t need enough “stuff” to fill a traditional registry for 100-200 guests, according to Ernst. Some couples live in small apartments in cities and don’t have anywhere to put it all – thus, the growing popularity of less traditional options such as honeymoon registries.
  Some registry websites break the honeymoon down into piecemeal events and items for wedding guests to choose from when it comes time to select their gift for the couple. The selections can range from airport transportation, to airline upgrades, to a bottle of Champaign on ice, already set up in the couple’s room upon their arrival.